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As an Aquarius born on February 1st, your personality is characterized by honesty and creativity. February 1 Birthday Element - Air. Air is your sign’s paired element and of all the zodiac signs, you have the only fixed connection with the element.

Dream big dreams for so many of your wishes will take root now. If you do the math, if you live to 96, you will have 8 visits of Jupiter in your lifetime, and this is one of them.

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It takes Jupiter twelve years to revolve around the Sun, and Jupiter spends approximately one year in each sign. In the coming months, you will likely travel far and wide, to at least one important awe-inspiring city overseas, for Jupiter will want to broaden your horizons.

In 2016 Virgo will find out about his needs

If you hope to go back to the university or hope to live, work or study in a foreign country, focus on that goal, for in your extraordinary year as celestial favorite you will soon discover that almost nothing will be beyond your reach. If you have artistic leanings, this year your creative output will blossom beautifully so you would be wise to take steps to nurture your talent. Soon you will feel exceptionally optimistic and excited, and rightly so - you will have so much going for you.

As you proceed, many offers come to you, and you may be tempted to agree to agree to them all, but that would not be a good idea. Remain choosy, or you might spread yourself too thin with too much to do, in too little time to get it all done. Like a child in a candy store who is offered any of the offerings to enjoy, you may wind up gobbling up all treats in sight, and wind up with a tummy ache. You may have received a glimpse of the fantastic breaks that were to come to you near the luckiest day of the year last year, August 26, , when Jupiter aligned with the mighty Sun in Virgo.

If your birthday falls on or within four days of August 26, you got a double dip of pleasure, for your entire coming year will be showered in luck. No matter when your birthday happens to fall, August brought strong and positive planetary activity. If you say you did not notice any exciting news come up, it has to do with the mathematical degrees in your chart. Rest assured, you will have many more exciting days to come, for sure!

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The new family of eclipses that are arriving and started in will be in Virgo and Pisces, coming by every six months for two years. Eclipses are always in a hurry to sweep out all that is old and outworn in your life so that you can replace those elements with projects, relationships and surprises in other areas of your life and replace them with elements and relationships more productive and suitable for your future. Eclipses often bring big news if they trigger the degrees of your birthday Sun sign, or other planets in your natal chart. Events speed up and things you had planned to do years from now will likely be moved forward, and could happen now.

Here are will be the dates of the eclipses: March 8, September 1 and September 16, Steps that you were not ready to take just a year or two ago will seem right to take now. If your birthday falls on September 22, then you may have already felt the first eclipse in the series, that occurred on March 20, in your opposite sign of Pisces spotlighting your closest partnership. Another eclipse last year, September 12, may be an important date you recall in your timeline.

You are being redirected

Many Virgos will choose to marry this year, for you may long to stabilize your life, and to build a relationship of substance for the future. You are ready to handle bigger responsibilities and you are eager to accept them. If you are already married, you will want to make more of your union. If you have been very unhappy in your marriage or your dating relationship, you may now find the courage to leave.

Break off prior to September, and venture into the world to see whom the universe will introduce to you next.

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  4. The productive side of your Virgo nature always wants to see progress, so this year will please you, for progress will come in abundance. What is interesting about this series of eclipses in Virgo-Pisces series is that most will be new moon solar eclipses, which denote fresh beginnings. Full moon lunar eclipses are associated with endings. In you will have three eclipse dates: March 8 a new moon solar eclipse in Pisces, accenting those born September 8 , September 1 a new moon solar eclipse in Virgo , and September 15 a full moon lunar eclipse in Pisces, accenting Virgo birthdays of September As you see, two of the three eclipses will be new moon solar eclipses, denoting fresh starts.

    Find out in this article. Each sign of the Zodiac has a particular meaning. They are grouped by one of the Earth's four elements: What do these signs represent? Astrology holds that the relative positions of stars and planets have influence over the lives of human beings. Believers call it a science, while non-believers call it nonsense. January 31 Birthday Astrology. June 30 Birthday Astrology. July 4 Birthday Astrology. August 3 Birthday Astrology. August 30 Birthday Astrology.

    August 31 Birthday Astrology. November 29 Birthday Astrology. November 30 Birthday Astrology.

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    December 28 Birthday Astrology. Understanding the Chinese Zodiac Are you a snake, a rat, maybe a tiger? Venus retrograde will take place in your career zone and an angular house, which means this one will be felt powerfully. With all the emphasis on steamy romps with that stellium in your 5th house, you might find it hard to come into work at all.

    Mars retrograde could cause a bit of trouble in your 8th house of forbidden fruit looking at how the planets are configured there could be the chance of being whisked away by a tempting dark cupid. If there is a court case going on and you are looking to clear some debts than this could be a time when you have to be steady and serious.

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    7. Again you have so much fun stuff going on it may be hard to focus and behave! You will also have to put out your most responsible and clean-cut image, but Mars in Aries will be much more difficult to tame than usual …. The big transit for you is the exciting trine from Uranus which you get to experience for most of the year.

      The useful lunar eclipse at the end of the year could shake things up a little. However, you will already be used to the electric and rebellious energy from the Uranus trine so it will not feel too problematic. You have the most spiritual transits this year but might find it difficult to keep yourself grounded. The trick is not taking in too much Neptune from other sources. Try to limit alcohol, drugs, films and TV as you will be ultra sensitive to them.

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      Any mind altering modality or substance will really confuse fantasy with reality in your brain. Lucky Virgo decan 3 gets all the benefits of the Capricorn power stellium with all three big ones trining your decan. Needless to say, you must be going through a great deal of positive transformation and detoxing.

      Even if this is a trine, everything hitting at once may still feel quite overwhelming, kind of like winning the lottery. It could even be too much of a good thing at times.