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As an Aquarius born on February 1st, your personality is characterized by honesty and creativity. February 1 Birthday Element - Air. Air is your sign’s paired element and of all the zodiac signs, you have the only fixed connection with the element.

This card symbolizes the importance of self-love for Leo. If you do not practice acceptance of and gratitude for who you are, you will find yourself feeling out-of-place in the world. While most everyone seeks some kind of external validation, it is impossible to appreciate the love flowing toward us if we do not have that love for ourselves living within us.

This card is also a reminder of the immense internal strength you possess to face challenges head-on. It refers to your resilience and ability to carry on. There is an air of optimism within this card that perfectly matches the positive, buoyant personality of the Leo. Conversely, the shadow side of Jupiter in Leo can lead to arrogance or egotism — traits that must be avoided if victory is to be gained fairly. There is a crowd gathered around him, showing their support and cheering him on. The man enjoys, even adores, the attention — and he is carrying a wreath-decorated wand which further speaks to his accomplishments.

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This card represents the public acclaim you may achieve if you can keep the ego uninvolved and play fairly. This card may also indicate that you have acquired the skills needed to highlight your talents and strengths without such distractions.

If you can learn to keep the ego reined in, you will be able to achieve your goals and receive public acknowledgment for them. If you happen to draw these cards during a reading, this information can help you better understand how the card might be speaking to you. Changes coming in - Three of Wands Opportunity knocks for you, this year, Leo!

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