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As an Aquarius born on February 1st, your personality is characterized by honesty and creativity. February 1 Birthday Element - Air. Air is your sign’s paired element and of all the zodiac signs, you have the only fixed connection with the element.

In a romantic relationship, however, they might need a little bit more time to get out of their shell. There's only one way a two Cancers relationship can prevail: absolute trust in one another. And that's exactly what they intend to do. Once they are aware of their feelings for one another and can see themselves with each other years from now, they will trust each other to the bone. If Cancers were to speak as much as they feel, they would easily be considered as the most talkative people in the zodiac.

Luckily, Cancerians are big fans of non-verbal communication and professionals at keeping themselves quiet for prolonged periods of time.


While this could be considered as annoying or disrespectful by other zodiac signs, a fellow Cancer would understand them perfectly and give them the silence and peace without even being asked to. Nevertheless, Cancerians do like to talk about everything that's important with their partner. Anyway, verbal communication is overrated, right Cancerians? In a Cancer-Cancer relationship, their similarities will reflect on the values they share. Both like adventures but in the same time security and stability too — this balance is really hard to achieve and can only work in a two Cancers relationship.

As two family individuals, Cancerians like to focus on one person, place or thing at a time and that makes them ideal for the long haul. This couple also shares the same amount of curiosity, imagination and sensitivity. Since they are both Water signs, they will have so many similarities that it could become a problem. Of course they will find themselves enjoying the same activities equally, but when the relationship settles, they will have to work hard to not get stuck in a rut.

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Mutual respect helps to make it through periods where tumultuous emotions reign.

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  • Mismatched Sexual Energies??

Cancers are timid, so initiating sex is off to a slow start. These two bashful personalities need to recognize how natural it is to trust one another. The trust will have to develop before they are plunging into the sack. It is then the passionate phase of the affair is easier to approach. When this pair has sex, the feelings run deep.

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Both Cancers have the Moon as a ruling planet, so they are sensitive and emotive souls. Between the sheets has to result in more than physical satisfaction.

Otherwise, the act leaves a Cancer feeling hollow and wanting. Sexual chemistry follows emotional intimacy. The meeting of emotional intellect stimulates the chemistry between these Water-ruled creatures. Neither partner in the Cancer and Cancer love match keeps tabs on who has more sexual experience.

There is no worry of partners rating one another on the lack of experience in the sex department. The sexual connection is all about feelings and emotional intensity, not perfect movements or lack thereof! What other personalities might find tedious and unimaginative, a Cancer-Cancer combo find pleasurable! The most important thing when having sex is that both parties feel the depth of devotion.

Cancers are the kings and queens of the emotional realm. Communication between them is few words, non-vocal, or mental. They have a profound connection that magnifies the understanding between one another. They like the quiet as it provides them with a chance to enjoy the moment. They prefer private time without the chaotic world entering into their emotional domain. If things have hit a rut, communication is often through actions instead of words.

Cancers become sullen and broods. Otherwise, Cancer is giving plenty of nonverbal cues. Two Cancers can share an expression at a glance. A word never needs to leave the lips of either party. Water ruled personalities have the gift of being able to see right through one another. This duo benefits from learning how to verbalize some of their views more.

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The silent treatment seems to work in a pinch to voice frustration. But, it can upset the emotive Cancer partner over a lengthier period. Dealing with the sphere of emotion all the time can become chaotic. If the two Cancers in the pairing are in harmony, they should have little trouble sensing moods. But, if they are out of balance, then two Cancers may bang heads.

Once in a while, one Cancer is in an excellent mood and the other hostile. If both Cancers are sullen, they may stay moody longer than the norm.

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Bad moods fuel bad spirits for lengthier periods. An out-of-balance Cancer can seem distant and dispassionate to the more emotive Cancer.

It can lead to hurt feelings and unspoken resentments. If they fail to recover balance quickly, the antagonisms can grow intense. Emotional intensity in the Cancer and Cancer relationship is excellent.

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At least, when all is well. But, the emotional intensity gets out of hand when freedom is not part of the package. Cancers need to give each other space just as much as they need to embrace. Acceptance of timing differences for emotional trends also improves compatibility. To avoid emotional confrontations, Cancers need to learn to let each other breathe.

In astrology, each zodiac sign aligns with a distinct polarity. The polarities are Yin and Yang.

Cancer compatibility

These polarities are forces or forms of energetic influences. Yin is feminine. Yang is masculine.

The feminine and masculine references do not express gender. Rather, Yin reflects the passive, responsive, and intuitive energy. It is such energy Yin imposes on those it rules. Yang aligns with a forceful, assertive, and action-oriented energetic influence. Both Cancers in a Cancer-Cancer pairing fall under the influence of Yin. It seems as if a natural imbalance already exists with absent Yang energies. First, both Cancers are passive and receptive. They are intuitive, allowing them to experience a profound, psychic link. They are receptive to one another and compassionate.

Sharing a Yin influence increases Cancer and Cancer compatibility. But, absent Yang energies can have its negatives. The Cancer to Cancer pairing is not so action-oriented. So, if they fall out of balance, they can become inert, unambitious homebodies. They may have little ambition which hinders bringing dreams and aspirations into manifestation.