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As an Aquarius born on February 1st, your personality is characterized by honesty and creativity. February 1 Birthday Element - Air. Air is your sign’s paired element and of all the zodiac signs, you have the only fixed connection with the element.

Today should be fun, light and easy, so enjoy the happy vibes. Your intellect and spiritual awareness will reach a monthly peak as Venus travels through your ninth house of the higher mind. Let it flow. Dealings with foreigners and cultured types are also favoured. Romance heats up as well, so do something special for your beloved.

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You may do well through travel and artistic pursuits too. Lucky colours are bronze and raspberry. Lucky numbers are 9 and What do you have in mind? Use it wisely! Lucky colours are raspberry and saffron. Lucky numbers are 28 and Lucky colours are parchment and lilac. Hi I am a Pisces. I want to know if my husband to be truly loves me. He is a Turus. We plan getting married in march is it a good time and will our marriage last? Please help me.

If he is loving you it will indeed be one of the best thing for you!!!! I wanted to know that if he really love me or not? This is my personal experienced after 18 years of marriage, every day I felt he never be my soul mate. I have the feeling every time and when i see him he just look at me and look sad. I know he the one I been looking for ever since and I just had a hard the day February 19 when he said he want be single again and he never tell me the reason still and I was wondering more and more of the reason. When will me and Kevin be back together?

What day will be? Hi im a pisces march 10 my boyfriend a scorpio. I need to no if he really love me or is he cheating on me i been feeling lost. Im a pisces i was born on 02 of march he was born on 12th of feburary i love him so much we fight so much we has a huge row because he called me a bad name but i forgave him because i love him now he wants us to stay broken up but i dont i miss him so much it breaks my heart to let him go what should i do or what is he feeling. I am a pisces man born on 18th march , and i dont know exactly what kind of a sign she is, may u helb me to know her sign?

Note: she dont know her birth day. I discovered though his soul and energy are wonderful his physical human side stinks. You deserve love, emotional, spiritual and physical connection with the person.

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This type of or should I say lack of commitment from another person to you effects your self-esteem and confidence. I am in the same. I have accepted so much and been stuck in a storm. I chose to stick by his side.

He only returned to me love with conditions, mystery attitudes of resentment, abandonement, silent treatment, I have been treated like an object and the degradation of being ostracized and told to my face that I do not deserve anything is what shattered me. Now I sit here alone with nothing but my own decisions of acceptance… Aries is not good for Pisces. Pisces will be left empty and abandoned.

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Wondering how and why do I deserve this? Hi, My name is Dhara Desai. Married since 5 years.

I have a baby which is 5 months old. Me and my husband are going through major marriage problems. Cos of few of my mistakes he doesnt want to be in any relation with me.. I Cannot stay without him and I really love him loads. My DOB is 7 nov And his birth date is 12 March We shared a beautiful relation.

Can you please let me know when and how my problems will get solved. Will he ever love me back. I cannot stay without him.

You have to ask yourself and be completely honest with yourself. Do you not want to be without him or do you not want to be alone? You also have to consider why you made the mistakes that you did and without blaming each other realize that both of you have trust issues for whatever reason. It takes two to make a relationship. Two people who felt completely secure in their relationship would not have made mistakes that would break them up in the first place.

Prolonging the inevitable only makes the pain prolong as well.

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Once you find that pattern you can fix it by slowing down and living more consciously in your relationships. There are always signs. About Pisces Pisces are good at creating beauty in their lives. Ruled by Neptune, Pisceans are sensitive and imaginative, Pisceans can turn their hands to any artistic or craft endeavor and succeed.

They love movies, music, painting, and walking along the shore in the twilight.

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Hopelessly romantic and generous to a fault, they fall in love easily and are very trustworthy, and trusting. Compassionate Pisceans believe life can be as wonderful as their dreams if people would only be nice to each other. Pisceans are happiest when they have created their own universe, and have filled it with people who understand their need for peace and beauty.

The trouble is that Pisceans have no discrimination at all. They are easily deceived by the less scrupulous.